Roller Blinds




Roll up!

Roll Up!

High fashion fabrics for your windows

Massive Range

Blackouts, dimouts, burnouts, special weaves, designer's all in this wonderful collection. To make it easy to find your choice, we've neatly put the fabrics into colour spectrum groups, with a label on the back showing what it's made of and any special qualities...With 250 fabrics to choose from, there's something for every type of room.

It's all under control....

You can choose a side action blind, where the roller is raised or lowered by a continuous chain at one end of the blind, or for no extra cost, a traditional spring roller. Blinds come with universal brackets and screws

provided. For more details ask to see the Homestyle roller blind pattern book.
Blackouts, Voiles, Dimouts & Special Weaves just for you.