TILTRAK is the most significant innovation in vertical blind systems over the past 20 years. Its unique design concept has earned it the prestigious Cullinan Design Award which is administrated by the South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute.

TILTRAK represents a totally new approach to vertical blind systems and consequently it is likely to revolutionise the industry throughout the world.

TILTRAK is available in either the System 1000 narrow track, with a direct tilting mechanism, or the System 2000 wide track with a reduction tilting mechanism

At the heart of the TILTRAK design is the runner, which consists of only two parts, the housing and the hook. The head of the hook has a curved gear profile which enables it to be driven directly by the aluminium tiltrod. It is this direct drive mechanism which differentiates TILTRAK from conventional vertical blind systems and produces a range of  benefits that are unique to the product.

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Simple to assemble and install...

TILTRAK has been designed to eliminate many of the problems associated with the assembly and installation of vertical blinds. This significantly reduces labour costs and after sales service calls.

Special design features include:

* The tiltrod and track are cut to the same length. No further finishing is required for these items.

* The tiltrod does not need top be chamfered, drilled and pinned or secured with a star washer.

* Links may easily be attached to or removed from the runner without being damaged.

* Endcaps are symmetrical. This eliminates the problem of stocking  left and right hand sets.

* On-site adjustment to bi-part blinds is simplified because the cord drive runner incorporates an accessible clamp screw.

* No special tools are required for installation or maintenance.

* Two different systems may be offered with minimal additional stockholding (only endcaps and tracks are not common to both systems)

Virtually maintenance free and abuse resistant...

If necessary, runner hooks can be replaced without dismantling the blind. Furthermore, misaligned louvres will self-align when the tiltcord/chain is pulled, due to the mechanism's special clutch system

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